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Thanks for visiting, my site has been online since June 20th, 2009 and currently updating.

David Segal's Profesional Interests

SEO and Professional Interests

My interest in SEO started with my first "Internet" related job. I translated a gaming site from English to Spanish. I then worked with a team of translators to localize the same website into different languages: French, German, Italian and other European languages as well as Chinese, Japanese and Turkish. The translation included the related site, software, payment site as well as QA to the whole website to make sure a smooth experience to users. This included checking the JavaScript messages, page redirects, informative errors.
I have worked in a number of Internet companies, that all share the same imperative to attain good SEO rankings

SEO and Project Management

Creating and maintaining a website is a complex SEO task that involves the management of multiple disciplines professionals that are not always aware of common SEO pitfalls.

David Segal - CV / Resume

Download my Resume

To download my resume in PDF format please follow the link below.
David Segal's resume

If you would like a copy in another format (Word for example) please contact me at:
djss72 [AT] yahoo[DOT].com

David Segal's website - Under construction

Welcomed to David Segal's website

The site has been launched only recently.

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